Two finished flat-back journals

Two flatback journals

I got to work on these two lovely books! I used the same technique for both text blocks and covers.

The text blocks were already made; one was sewn onto tapes, and the other was the same stitch but minus the tapes. So, the next step was to cut the book board, get it covered and lined up and glued together.

It sounds simple, but it turned out to be a messier procedure than it should have been. Although, knowing myself, I shouldn’t have been at all surprised.

Handmade journals.

I was a little worried with the floral one, because I forgot to double-check and ended up cutting the book board with the grain going in the wrong direction (yikes!). It looked like the covers might end up being curved, but I let is sit under some weights for a while and the covers straightened out nicely.

Overall, I was pleased with how these both turned out. They lay flat when opened and are the perfects journal size.

fabric covered handmade journal
The gray is just a simple fabric I had lying around. It is thick, which is ideal for covering books, and I loved the clean, simple lines. It reminds me of tire scuffs on a sidewalk. I also alternated light gray and white pages in the signatures.

leather and floral handmade journal

For the other, I covered the boards in a floral print and the spine in dark chocolate goat leather. The endpapers are a creamy orange color. I’m gifting this to my lovely friend Tess, and I think it’s very her.

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