Try it: Visual Inspiration

Has February been a crazy month for you? Because it’s been a lot of insanity for me. Some of it good, some of it not so good. But most of it time-consuming. Which is my way of making excuses for the fact that I’ve probably only written about an eighth of my word-count goal for the month.

Pathetic much?

I’m need inspiration, peoples! So I’m trying something new: I’m going to conduct a “writerly experiment.” Yeah! EXCITEMENT!

The Experiment: using visuals!

For my first experiment/challenge, I’m going to utilize visual inspiration to get the creative juices (and the word count) flowing. I got the idea from Nova Ren Suma, author of Imaginary Girls and writing blog Distraction No. 99. She mentioned using a Pinterest board to make a collage of inspiring pictures, and after checking out her hauntingly creepy collection (from which I borrowed the above image; click on it for the source), I was excited to try it myself!

The Parameters:

Spend a good five minutes at the start of each writing session looking at visuals that represent an aspect of my work in progress (setting, character, theme, mood, etc.). This will take the form of a Pinterest board. Write for at least twenty minutes, trying to hold onto the feel of the pictures as I’m writing, referring back to them as needed.

Hypothesis (benefits+/setbacks- I anticipate):

  1. + More detailed/textured setting, characters, world-building.
  2. +Visuals may provide inspiration, kickstart writing sessions.
  3. +Holding onto visuals may help my brain stay focused, and I can refer to them to get back ontrack.
  4. -Visuals may present a distraction.
  5. -I’ll probably get sucked into a mindless Pinning session at least once. Probably more.

I’d love to hear if/how you use visuals in your writing. Have you tried something similar before?