Handmade Library Has a New Look!

You guys. YOU GUYS. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably noticed my


Or if you are reading it via a reader, you can’t see it, in which case VISIT THE BLOG SO YOU CAN SEE MY AWESOME REDESIGN.

This has been several weeks in the making, but I couldn’t be happier with it! I designed the whole thing, and my amazing husband, ahem, web developer, Chris, built it. He says it’s very “Elyssa,” and I have to agree.

Handmade Library site redesign process

Don’t worry, the top was to work out the layout. I gave Chris a much better final mockup to work with! Also, the drawing of the face makes me laugh.

You’ve probably noticed some changes in the content of this blog. I’ve been talking a lot more about writing and my endeavors to get better at it. I wanted that to be reflected in the design, hence the typewriter! It’s actually a neat little logo I made a while ago to use on my resume (it’s still on there!), so I just updated the color scheme and added some doo-dads to make it happen. I also made it easier to subscribe, with fancy links in the sidebar that give you three options (so now you have no excuse not to subscribe to Handmade Library—wink).

Overall, I am so happy with the result! What do you think of Handmade Library’s new look?

6 thoughts on “Handmade Library Has a New Look!

  1. I love it! It looks FANTASTIC! Wish I had the same “eye” for things like this that you do. Kudos to Chris for making it all happen.

    • Thanks! I don’t think I’ll be able to convince Chris to build another one anytime soon so it’s good I like this one haha.

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