Misplaced Writing

There is a scene that I know I wrote. Though I originally decided not to include it, I’ve been wanting to add it back in and see how it fits now that I’ve made a lot of plot changes.

The only problem? I can’t seem to find it, anywhere. I’ve checked every file on Scrivener. I’ve scoured my Google Drive. I’ve even thumbed through a dozen legal pads and notebooks — it simply isn’t anywhere to be found.

Now the debate is: do I rewrite the scene? Wait for it to show up later. Wait until revisions to see if it’s even needed? I’m leaning towards the last option, but I am sad that I can’t find it. Frustrating!


In other news, I did finish this: a long-form outline/synopsis of my work in progress. Yay!

Four pages, 4000 words, one whole story. So excited to finally feel good about the overall arc of the story.

How do you keep track of your ideas and writing odds-n-ends? Ever lose something you were sad to see go?


2 thoughts on “Misplaced Writing

  1. I’m so excited your project is going so well! Looks like I should clear my schedule come January so I can do some editing. :)

    • Haha you’re awesome!! :D Probably will just ask for a read-through first, so that I can (hopefully) have other people help me see where the story needs help.

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