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I recently came across this piece in the NY Times about artist Lisa Occhipinti. I had unwittingly seen her work (or copycats of it), mainly the mobile that is on the cover of her book (below), The Repurposed Library. It was fun to read through this and get a better feel for her, her style, and what she is about.

This grabbed my attention for two reasons: one, the name of her book is strikingly similar to the title of this blog; two, she is so creative and fun! I really enjoyed looking through her website and seeing the beautiful things she has done with books. I definitely scooped up some inspiration.

A sweet piece of art from a repurposed book.

This is a lovely piece called “Flora Frieze.” There is an amazing amount of detail, and it looks so organic.

art piece from a repurposed book

Mostly I got excited because I’ve had some books sitting around that I picked up at thrift stores, intending to repurpose them. And while I probably won’t be doing anything as extensive as Occhipinti’s work (yet), it has put a fire under me! I spend so much time focused on book arts as bookbinding and making, that I forget it can also go the other way—taking an existing book and turning it into something new, useful, and intriguing.

How about you? Working on anything new and interesting lately?

One thought on “Repurposed Book Artist

  1. Elyssa,
    I love your blog! I took a great book making class years ago here in Aspen and still make a book occasionally. Your blog renewed my love for book making…not that I need another project:) I like how simple your site is, it’s inspiring, has great tips, great pics, and easy to follow instructions! Thanks…don’t stop blogging okay!:)

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