Hey everybody! Hope your weekend’s been good and that your Sunday is going even better.

Just thought I’d pop in and let you know that I was spotlighted on the craft/DIY blog Show Tell Share. I do a Q&A about bookmaking and generally say awesome things. So pop over there, check out my post, and take a look at some of the other awesome projects they have!

Happy bookmaking!

2 thoughts on “Spotlighted

  1. Elyssa,

    Thanks for providing all that information! I already checked out every possible book I could find at the library on book binding. Do you sew your books in a sewing frame?

    • Dora,

      I don’t use a sewing frame, simply because I never learned on one and guess I’ve just learned to do without! Usually it’s used to keep signatures lined up and close to each other, so the sewing’s tight, but this is something that I’ve really had problems with. But if you’re going to make a lot of books they can be a great investment to save some time/energy.

      There is more info on sewing frames and instructions to make your own here:

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