Textblocks Ahoy!

Sewing books by hand

I've been busy with textblocks!

I just ordered some paper and book cloths to make some covers with, but they’ll be shipping all the way from the East Coast so I knew they wouldn’t arrive for at least a week, so I got busy sewing text blocks!

I mostly did a flat-back variation of a long stitch book, sort of a version of sewn onto tapes without the tapes. I’m sure it has a proper name, but I don’t know it. If you do, let me know. I also did a sewn onto cords binding. I braided some jute (it tends to look scrawny on its own), securing the ends with small bits of slip-knotted string, and then went to town.

making books by hand

The finished textblocks, ready to be covered.

All in all, I made 10 textblocks. I finished them off with some mull on the spine to increase strength and durability, and now they are ready to go. Now I just have a lot of casings to make!

sewing a book

I’m looking forward to getting my new materials. A lot. I’ll post some pictures of the final products. Now, if only UPS would hurry up…

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