To Love About L.A.: Great Comedy

Chris is a huge comedy fan, and over the course of our romance he’s slowly been weaning me onto standup comedians that are my kind of humor. I’ve really come to love comedians like Demetri Martin, Mitch Hedberg, Patton Oswalt, and Dan Cummins.

As the entertainment capital of the world, there are no shortage of shows in Los Angeles. A few weeks ago, we got to see my favoritest comedian extraordinaire, Maria Bamford. You might recognize her from those hilarious Target Christmas ads.

Here’s one of my favorite jokes from her set — about how sure, cooking is easy! But not easier than not cooking.

I love comedy because it gives us a new way of looking at life.

Maria Bamford gets me crying with laughter, but what I really admire about her is that her comedy has such a strong voice and point of view. She talks a lot about dealing with family, and living with anxiety, depression and OCD — and not only makes these topics funny, but also more relatable to the audience. She brings her own perspective and isn’t afraid to share it. She’s subtle, never preachy, but she still has something important to say. I love that about her, and I hope to bring a little more of that into my creative endeavors.

Who are you favorite comedians? How about writers or creators with a voice you love?

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