What I’ve been up to.


It’s me, Elyssa.

I’ve been very (VERY) busy the past few months:

  1. Chris and I took a 2 week trip to Europe (Prague, Dresden, Berlin & Warsaw).

  2. Chris accepted a job in Los Angeles.

  3. We packed up all our stuff and moved out just three weeks after that.

  4. We were homeless for about six weeks, living out of subleased rooms and hotels.

  5. During which I was (and still am) looking for a job.

  6. We signed a lease and moved into an apartment in West L.A.

  7. We visited with family and attended my little sister’s wedding.

  8. I’ve been unpacking, cleaning, getting settled in — and still job hunting.

We’ve had some adventures and some mishaps. It was a big change, and a bit scary and intimidating at times to move from small-town North Carolina to big-time Los Angeles — but now that we are settled in I’m definitely growing to love it. I am a West Coast girl at heart, after all.

So that’s where I’ve been. I’ll have updates on those adventures and what I’m doing now — but in the meantime you should head over to Ashpants.com! It’s my sister’s blog, and I designed the header for it (I’m pretty proud of it).

3 thoughts on “What I’ve been up to.

  1. Hi wonderful Elyssa!!! I fell upon your site the other day when I was looking up a home library system and for some reason your how to make book blog came up! Haha, God is so sweet and funny!

    My internet then when down for about 24 hours, so I suddenly had time to read your posts! So encouraged sweet woman! This morning I even took some time with Jesus to simply pray for you, your husband, your fam’s,the dreams that are bursting inside of you, your need for provision, “job” though I’m guessing there’s much more inside of you from the little I saw on your site than just a “job”…creativity, books, books, and lives being blessed just bc you and your Hubby Chris decided to venture over to LA, where from the little I’ve read of you so far, they are in dire straights to have people of HOPE and LIFE enter in, especially during these seasons of life in our homeland…

    drop me a line if you like, I cannot guarantee when I’ll be able to get back to you, but I was very very very very encouraged by the things you’ve written…I’m also believing beyond what I can see, or fully comprehend yet, that there is much that needs to come out of this lady whose writing to you today! Let’s press into to the heart of our Papa God together on behalf of one another and just see if the Lord might open up a friendship, or at least a great encouragement…

    In the words of Winston Churchill “NEVER, I SAY NEVER GIVE UP!” (That was actually an entire commencement speech of his to a university graduation ceremony after the 2nd ww was over…and his gusto is still heard around the world today! Praise Jesus!)

    Shana <

    • Shana,

      It’s not often I login to see such a sincere and heartfelt comment on my blog. It really made my day. Thanks for praying for me and thinking of me! I am doing the same for you. I hope you’ll check back often and comment!

      Thanks so much for bringing some sunshine to my day!

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